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Swat Valley

Most Incredible Places to Visit in Swat Valley

The Swat valley is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on top of the Swat River at a high altitude. The common language is Pashto. It is renowned for its natural wonders and incredible landscapes. There are many ancient monasteries, stupas, castles, and petroglyphs to be seen here that had been excavated from hundreds or thousands of years ago. The British Queen Elizabeth visited Swat Valley and named it the “Switzerland of the East” due to its mesmerizing natural beauty similar to that of Switzerland. If you plan on discovering this impressive destination, we’ve picked out some of the best places to see in Swat Valley to get you started.


Kalam Valley

One of the top places to visit in Swat Valley is the Kalam Valley located amidst the Swat River that runs throughout the area. The tall pine trees, blazing grass, and surrounding mountains all demonstrate an unbelievable view of the incredulity of Swat Valley. Any place you choose to stop at is more than suitable for an excellent photoshoot of pure bliss, the beauty is present at every corner. You’ll come across many stretches of flowery meadows with elegant horses and fluffy sheep grazing the abundant greenery. Some of the most iconic areas in Kalam are Usho, Gabral, and Utror.

Kumrat Valley

This beautiful destination in Upper Dir and opposite Gabral awaits you with the most spectacular waterfalls and river streams. There are endless tracks to enjoy hiking on, all with gorgeous landscapes to witness along the way. It is a great place to camp too and if you’d rather stay at a hotel then there are many options available. Some of the most must-see locations in Kumrat Valley are the Kala Chashma Lake, Jahaz Banda, and the wonderful trek to Katora Lake. The sheer attractiveness of these locations will leave you speechless.

Kundol Lake

This sparkling alpine lake is hugged by the enormous Hindu Kush Mountains at an elevation of about 1000ft. The backdrop is absolutely stunning with a mix of snow and vibrant grass. There is space to camp in the area with trees and flora around to make it a very pleasant experience. There are activities to be enjoyed here such as fishing and boating. The lake holds a plethora of trout which makes it a very rewarding experience to fish here.

Shingrai Waterfall

Swat is famed for its rivers and waterfalls, and this is one of the best waterfalls in Swat. The waterfall sits at the foot of Dwasaray Peaks at an hour’s drive from one of the most marvellous districts, Mingora. There is so much flora and fauna to observe here. Thick bushes of gorgeous wildflowers, tall pine trees, and a variety of beautiful birds all reside here. The water is crystal clear as it melts down from the snow on top of the majestic mountains.

Jarogo Waterfall

Yet another spectacular waterfall, is the highest waterfall in Pakistan. The fall is 120 meters long and the area is unspoiled by crowds due to the far-off location. The waterfall is located in Matta Tehsil, Swat, and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan. The journey here is a charm with a lot of flora, unique trees, and wildlife, the colours of the birds flying in the blue, unpolluted sky will wow you.

Falak Sar

Falak Sar is the highest peak in Ushu Valley offering panoramic views of the entire Swat Valley. The surroundings are all pristine natural beauty with thick forests rich with fauna. The bird’s eye view of rivers, lakes, and villages is breath-taking and very well worth the visit to the highest point in Swat. Many other snow-jewelled mountains can be seen right from here with their majestic appeal.

Mahudand Lake

This glacial lake is found in the magical Usho Valley of Kalam. The lake, at an elevation of 9600ft, is surrounded by fresh greenery and the regal Hindu Kush Mountains. There is so much to do and see here. There are many trails for you to go hiking for hours whilst soaking in the majesty of this place. You can also set up camp here amongst the tall trees, under the enormous mountains, and next to the shimmering lake. There are beautiful species of wildlife to spot around you and the lake holds giant fishes which you and admire or fish for. A day here will be a day very well spent.

People will be happy to welcome you to Swat and you’ll experience many people waving at you with a full-house smile as you pass by them. The locals love to honour their guests. Hotels are easy to find and affordable. You’ll enjoy food that is not too spicy and extremely delicious. One such dish is Kabuli Pulao, consisting of rice jewelled with carrots, raisins, and lamb. Another is the heavenly Dum Pukht made with goat meat cooked in its own fat and just salt, lemon juice, and potatoes. A signature dish that is only found in Swat is the Chukand or Warjalay. To enjoy a rich cultural and food experience and to see some of the best tourist places in Pakistan, be sure to visit Swat Valley and the wonders that lie within. Some of the most beautiful places in Swat Valley await you.

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