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Letter of Invitation for Pakistan Visa (LOI Pakistan Visa) 75 USD Fast Processing

Best Reliable and Licensed company is available here 24/7. We will issue a Letter of invitation for the visa within 24 hours after submission of Your Details in the form on the right side of this page.

Letter of Invitation (LOI) is the requirement of the Ministry of Interior to process a visa for Pakistan, LOI states your intention of visiting Pakistan, travel dates, and the number of days you will be spending in Pakistan.

How can I get an LOI without booking a tour or With Booking or Tour?

We can provide Letter of Invitation “LOI” without booking a tour with us, you need to book hotel accommodation through us, Take our car rental or motorbike rental services. which are mandatory so we can issue LOI & you can get your visa, we are fast reliable, and licensed tour company from the Department of Tourism, Government of Pakistan. You can contact us on our whatsapp helpline for fast communication. If you will book a complete tour with us you will get a Letter of Invitation free of cost.

Adventure Planners’ policy regarding Letter of Invitation is different from many other companies. With the exception of Indians, Israelis, Adventure Planners can issue Letter of Invitation (LOI) without booking a complete tour, even for Americans with just staying any of our hostel or hotels in Islamabad, Gilgit, or Skardu where you can find Dormitory or Private rooms or by taking any of our other tourist services (car rentals, bike rentals or partial tours). If you are Afghan National or you are Afghan born we can assist you in visa process but you may directly contact us on our Whatsapp helpline +92 332 9072922

When AP provides solo backpacker individuals with an LOI, the company requests that backpackers provide travel plans/an itinerary. This is so that there is a record of where you will go and what you will do in case the company faces questions from the authorities regarding your location or activities.

Kindly provide us the following details to proceed:

  • Scanned Passport
  • Travelling Dates
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Travel Purpose
  • Active WhatsApp #

If you need an invitation letter, here is our offer:

  • 75$
  • Payment through Debit/Credit Card ,  Wise, Bank Transfer
  • Max 12-16 Hours Processing Time

Adventure Planners can likely sort you out depending on your nationality. Please contact us for the details regarding purchasing a Letter of Invitation without booking a tour. As mentioned, the cost is $75 USD.

We do offer free LOI’s if someone books an actual tour with us. Other Adventure Planners’ services include motorbike rentals traveling around Pakistan!

In addition, We also own and operate two backpacker hostels, One is in Islamabad (Backpackers Hostel Islamabad) and one in Gilgit (Backpackers Hostel Gilgit Ex – (Madina Hotel 2) and Indus View Hotel Skardu  (Backpackers Hostel Skardu).

Please leave a review of our service in the comment form below when you get your LOI. Thank you, we aim to please!

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  • Visa Assistance.
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  • Car Rentals / Motorbike Rentals.
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How to Apply for Pakistan Visa?

Visa can be applied online at E-Visa Portal 

How to Apply for Pakistan Visa through the E-visa portal?

  • Passport (Jpeg format not more than 500kb)
  • Passport size Picture (White Background)
  • Letter of invitation from a travel company (Jpeg format not more than 500kb)
  • Tour Company Licence (Provided by Tour company along with LOI)
  • CNIC of Directory (Provided by Tour company along with LOI)

Step 1

Go to the Pakistan E-visa Portal and make registration. For this click the “Tourist Visa” button under “Visa Categories”. It will lead you to the info page about tourist visas. If you click “Apply now”, you’ll be prompted to create a new account or log in to an existing account.

Step 2

Once registered you can start your application. You must keep an hour for this as it may take an hour or more to fill all the forms. Most of the questions are unnecessary but you have to fill out the entire form.

Step 3

If you will upload your complete travel plan in the application, there will be more chances to get approval fast.

Once you’ve finished your application, it’s time to pay. The visa cost varies from nationality to nationality, you can pay with Visa or MasterCard. Sometimes payment got rejected due to system issues but you may try 4 To 5 times and it will be accepted

Step 4

Once you have paid and payment is done you have to submit the application again else the application will remain open and it will not be processed. When you will submit you will get the email for submission of the application.

The e-visa portal states it takes 5-7 working days for a visa to be approved, but turnaround can be much faster. If you haven’t heard anything after 7 working days, contact them directly via the e-visa portal. It’s possible they need additional documentation from you.

New Category of Visa in Your Inbox

This is a new category announced by NADRA and it is the replacement of Visa on Arrival where tourists can apply for the visa in your inbox and they will get the electronic travel authorization, the visa will be stamped on arrival at the airport by the immigration officer. there are 50 countries National can avail this fast service and that list can be seen here on the following list TOURIST FRIENDLY COUNTRIES

Pakistan Visa During Covid Period

Pakistan visa system is being updated by the authorities regularly and things are getting change during the covid period. Pakistan is currently fully open for tourists and you can apply for visas online same as before the covid period and they are processing them regularly, Visa processing time depends on the nationality of the tourist and it can take up to 7 days. Tourists from 191 Countries are allowed to Apply for Evisa for Pakistan.

Approved Tour Companies by NADRA Visa Portal

This is a new term used by the authorities to stop scams by the unregistered tour companies so before getting a Letter of invitation you must ask them to send you their license and check it out whether they are allowed to deal Foreigners on their license categories or not, as there are multiple categories for tour operators and One with having the category of “Organizing tour for Citizens of Pakistan or Foreigners within Pakistan” can issue Letter of Invitation and is authorized by the government of Pakistan. Picture example below and second you can check their name on the NADRA portal tour operators list

Letter for Pakistan Visa Extension or Sponsor Letter for Visa Extension.

If you are planning to extend your visa you can apply for an online visa extension by the same web portal where you applied for Pakistan Visa. You will be asked to submit a Sponsor letter for visa extension and we can provide you with that letter

Requirements are

  • Scanned Passport or Readable Picture of Passport
  • Extension from (Date)
  • Extension Days (Total Days)
  • Existing Visa
  • Picture of Entry Stamp page on Passport
  • Accommodation Proof

Send these details on our email or whatsapp helpline +92 332 9072922  or

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