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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should Pakistan be the choice of the Tourists?

Pakistan is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country with diverse landscape. Its geographic location and wonderful landscape makes it a unique spot for all the tourists around the world. It is bordering with India, Iran, Afghanistan and China, which makes it an important country in South Asia. The unexplored region with mesmerizing seashores, lively valleys, sky-high mountains, meandering rivers, mystical deserts, lush green meadows and a rich cultural heritage from the olden times, just awaiting the visitors to come and unveil the mystic charms of it. It is a wonderland with its enchanting beauty that appeals travellers, tourists, trekkers, hikers, off-roaders, wanderers, climbers and mountaineers alike.

Q2. The procedure to get Pakistani Visa?

To get Pakistani Visa, the candidate must contact Pakistan Embassy or High Commission of the relevant country and submit an application, fulfilling the prerequisites. The Embassy/High-Commission looks into the application/documents carefully. On finding it legitimate, it will approve it in a specific passage of time.

For example, if you want a Visa from Washington DC, USA, the consulate will requires the following documents listed below.

* Passport
* Pakistan Visa Application Form
* Passport Size Photo
* Completed application Cover Sheet
* Official Invitation
* Letter Of Invitation
* Business Cover Letter
* Proof of Travel Arrangements

Miscellaneous Requirements: A copy of applicant’s driver license. Address on driver’s license must match with the address on visa application form



Q3. What is Letter of Invitation (LOI) for Pakistan Visa?

Letter of invitation for tourist
Letter of invitation for visa
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Letter of invitation to visit Pakistan
Letter of invitation from Pakistani friend
Letter of invitation from tour company
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Requirements for letter of invitation
Sponsorship letter for Pakistan visa
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How to get letter of invitation for Pakistan visa

For letter of invitation you can write us on our email @

Q4. Process to get Letter of Invitation for Pakistani Visa?

For issuance of Letter of Invitation, the willing tourists should contact a reliable Tour Company and ask for help in formalizing a feasible itinerary to Pakistan.

The tourists would have to fulfill all prerequisites prior their tour. However the conditions are different from country to country. On completion of the process, the Letter of Invitation will be issued.

Q5. Cost of Letter of Invitation?

The cost of LOI usually depends upon the number of the days; a tourist is staying in a certain country. For Pakistan, the cost of LOI ranges from 65 USD to 200 USD conditionally charged from country to country. The minimum rates are as follow:
• 65 USD 1-10 Days
• 85 USD 11-20 Days
• 100 USD 21-30 Days
The cost revolves around the prerequisites of the Embassy of a touring country.
Some of the Embassies accept scanned documents but the others demanded for hard copies. In either case however, the courier charges are to be included in the LOI cost.

Q6. Business Cover Letter?

It is a letter from the employer or sponsoring company, on the company’s letterhead, introducing the applicant, indicating the applicant’s employment status/position held in the company, and clearly stating the purpose of visit to Pakistan. The business letter must suggest who will be responsible for the finances of applicant and must provide the detailed contact information in Pakistan.

The Consulate of Pakistan requires an official business letter to support your application. To generate a Pakistan Business Cover Letter online, simply request this service and provide your information using the simple online form in your Visa Application Kit, which you will receive once you place your order

Q7. Hotels, Hostels and Motels for Back-Packers in Pakistan?

Accommodation for tourists is comparatively expensive in Pakistan, yet some places are available on cheaper rates for Back-Packers. Back-Packers can choose Hostel or Guest Houses in Islamabad, Lahore, Hunza and Gilgit.

For detailed information please contact us @

Q8. Motorbike rentals in Pakistan:

Tourists can easily hire motorbikes for their tours, on arriving in Pakistan. We provide Suzuki GS 150 bikes, which are readily available, just a click away @

Q9. Can I ride a Bike on an International License?

Yes, anyone can hire a bike on International license in Pakistan.

Q10. How to get bus for Hunza?

The NATCO is one reliable source of transportation. Tourists can catch the bus from Pir Wadhai Bus Terminal, Rawalpindi. It leaves at 6PM sharp every day. The travelling time is around 16 hours from Rawalpindi to Gilgit, via KKH.

Tickets must be booked before travelling, because during the peak season, there could be short of tickets.

Q11. How to get bus for Gilgit?

The NATCO buses leave for Gilgit from Pir Wadhai Bus Terminal, Rawalpindi at 3PM/5PM/8PM and 11PM respectively. The travelling time is round about 16/17 hours from Rawalpindi to Gilgit, via KKH.

Book the tickets in advance.

Q12. Can Tourists Fly to Gilgit?

Yes, tourists can take a flight from Islamabad to Gilgit. It takes about one hour and 15 minutes to touch Gilgit Airport

Q13. Flight availability for Skardu?

Tourists can avail a flight from Islamabad to Skardu. It’s an hour journey by Air.

Weekly Flight Schedule

Flight Departure Islamabad Arrival Skardu THU FRI SAT SUN MON TUE WED
PK-451 10:15 AM 11:15 AM
PK-451 10:30 AM 11:30 AM
PK-451 12:00 PM 01:00 PM

Flight timings are subjected to change.

Q14. Road condition from Islamabad to Gilgit-Baltistan?

Gilgit-Baltistan is connected via KKH, which is one of the best roads in Pakistan. It’s considered as a wonder of the world.

The other route to Gilgit-Baltistan is via Babusar Top. Its condition is good as well and it takes less time to reach Gilgit-Baltistan. However it remains open only for 5 months, from June to October, because of its high altitude and chilly weather conditions of the area.

Q15. How to extend visa in Pakistan?

Pakistani Missions are authorized to grant Visit/Tourist Visa, with three months validity of stay and double entry for the foreigners.
On the other hand, RPOs are authorized to extend tourist visa up to six month period, including the initial visa period. It condones overstay up to 15 days, on payment of visa fee, which is subjected to change, but minimum payment is 10USD.

The relevant authorities are liable to allow extension in Visa date for three months. However two week extension is free as per policy.

Q16. Tourist attractions in Lahore?

Lahore is an historic city and there are so many tourist attractions. Among these Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Masjid, Allama Iqbal Mausoleum, Shalimar Gardens, Kamran ki Bara-Darri are more prominent. Wagah Border Ceremony is worth watching activity in Lahore.

Q17. Where to get handicrafts from Islamabad?

You can get handicrafts from Saidpur Village Islamabad, Lok Versa Islamabad, Super Market Islamabad, Art & Craft Islamabad and Saddar Bazar Rawalpindi

Q18. What is the best time to visit Pakistan?

Tourist season starts from April, which is a spring season and ends in October, which is fall season in Pakistan. However it depends upon weather conditions.

Spring season starts in March in Pakistan.
Summer sets in End May/June.
Autumn starts in September/October.
While winter sets in December

Q19. Can we enter China from Pakistan?

Yes, if you have multiple Visas, you can enter China from Khunjerab Pass. Khunjerab Pass is one of the high altitude borders in the world

Q20. What are the fruits in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a richly fertile country for natural produce. The fruits include Apple, Orange, Mango, Banana, Dates, Plum, Pear, Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry, Melon, Water Melon, Grapes, Custard Apple, Pomegranate, Pine Apple etc.

Q21. What is the fruit season in Pakistan?

Different types of fruits are grown all the year round in Pakistan

Q22. What is Pakistani Currency called?

Rupee is the currency of Pakistan. It is controlled by the State Bank of Pakistan, which is the central bank of the country. Rupee is symbolizes as Rs. or PKR on receipts, while purchasing goods and services.

Q23. What are the best street foods in Pakistan?

Pakistani cuisines are the world best foods. When someone goes out for shopping or simply for hanging out, s/he must try mouthwatering street food. There are so many Rairi-Wala (street food vendor). The popular street foods are;

* Gol Gappay
* Chips (French Fries)
* Dahi Bhallay
* Bun-Kebab
* Anda Wala Burger (Egg Burger)
* Seekh-Boti
* Kachori
* Naan-Tikki
* Faluda
* Bailpuri
* Channa Chat
* Fruit Chat
* Samosey
* Pakorey
* Doodh-Jalebi
* Aalu-Channey
* Paan/Meetha Paan
* Chai (Tea)
* Gola Gandha
* Khoye Wali Kulfi
* Cone Ice Cream
* Pop Corn
* Sugarcane Juice
* Badaam ki Sardai
* Lassi

Q24. Who provides car/jeep rentals in Pakistan?

We provide the car/jeep on rent to the tourists in Lahore, Islamabad and Gilgit-Baltistan. For information, please contact us @

Q25. How to get tour guide in Islamabad?

There are many private companies in various cities of Pakistan that provide guide services to the tourists. But it’s better to ask your hosting company to provide a guide, if you travel privately. In most of the itinerary packages, the service of guide is already included. For more information, please visit @

Q26. How to select Tour Company in Pakistan?

First of all get references from your friends, living In Pakistan. If you don’t have any, then go to Trip Advisor and find a reliable company by searching reviews. You can find good companies on Facebook by reviewing their Pages and groups. We are creating a single forum with all the relevant facilities. The link is given below;

Q27. Which tour company in Pakistan offers lowest tour packages?

Lowest Tour Packages are available for the Back-Packages. The cost is usually 550USD for an eight day tour to Pakistan. But if you’re a group of three or more persons, more money can be saved on sharing basis.

Q28. Is there any luggage drop off facility in Pakistan?

Yes, in Pakistan this facility is provided by several private companies. We also provide luggage drop off facility at Back-Packers Hostel & Guesthouse, Islamabad.

Q29. Where can I meet other travellers in Islamabad?

You can find and meet fellow tourists and travellers in Islamabad in Back-Packers hostels and guesthouses. In this regard, Back-Packer Hostel & Guesthouse, Islamabad is a fine place for travellers meet-up.

Q30. Where can I get a money exchanger in Islamabad?

There are many money changers in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. A few of them are follows:

> Pakistan Money Exchange – Islamabad
> Sundho Brothers Money Changer
> Western Union Money Changer Karachi Company – Islamabad
> Zarco Exchange Company (Pvt.) Ltd – Islamabad
> Global Money Changer – Rawalpindi
> Al-Hadi Currency Exchange – Rawalpindi
> Royal King Currency Exchange & Transfer – Islamabad
> Mughal International Money Changer – Islamabad

Q31. Which airline is best for flying to Pakistan?

There are many Airlines which provide reliable services of travelling to Pakistan like Ittehad Airline, Turkish Airline, and Emirates Airline etc.

Q32. Can a foreigner go to Balochistan? Procedure of acquiring NOC for Balochistan?

No, a foreigner cannot visit to Balochistan until he gets an NOC from the Interior Ministry of Pakistan.

To get an NOC, after having your Visa stamped, you will have to acquire a form from the Interior Ministry of Pakistan for visiting Balochistan. Fill this form carefully and submit it to the relevant department.

You hosting company can also arrange it for you.

Q33. How can one enter Pakistan through Wagah border from India?

Anyone who has a valid Visa can enter Pakistan through India via Wagah Border. The mode of transportation is either a car or bus. But cars/buses don’t cross the border and visitors must step down from the vehicles and enter through gate on foot.

Q34. Where is motorbike workshop in Islamabad?

For repairing a Motorbike, you can find a workshop on Committee Chowk, Murree Road Rawalpindi. For Sports bike, you can find spare parts and repairing services in Kamran Market, Rawalpindi.

Q35. Solo girl travelling to Pakistan?

Most of the governments have reservations over solo travelling of girls, yet it’s quite safe to travel to Pakistan. Just try to ensure a few things.

* Contact Pakistan Embassy in your home country for getting Visa.
* Gather ample information from reliable sources, before landing in Pakistan.
* Keep in touch with your family and local authorities, for seeking help in case of emergency.
* Travel by public transport rather than a private one. Get the ticket booked prior your tour.
* Get the room booked before arrival into Pakistan.
* Pakistani people are quite helping and hospitable. If any family offers you a stay, feel free to avail the chance.
* Mainly security is provided to escort the solo girl by the local authorities.

Q36. Best way of getting around Hunza?

Hunza can be explored in two to six days. There are some points to ponder to get around Hunza.

* Stay at a central hotel, from where you could access all specific spots.
* Don’t confine yourself in the hotel. Just go out and explore the surrounding.
* Visit the ancient heritage.
* Socialize with the locals. Go to their homes for a closer look into their culture.
* Taste the traditional foods.

Q37. Tips for biking in Pakistan?

Pakistan is considered a hub for the Bikers. It’s quite easy to ride a bike in Pakistan, in the sense of travelling mode. Bikers can easily stop anywhere and set-up camping. However there are a few tips for the Bikers;

* Get a Bike from a reliable Biker company.
* Examine it carefully before getting ready for ride.
* Tie-up the luggage carefully.
* Wear a Helmet for safety.
* Cover your elbows, knees, and ankles.
* Carry a tool kit and gadgets for repairing motorbike.
* Keep the fuel and water level intact.

Q38. How to get a Taxi? Uber/Careem?

In Pakistan, you can hire a Taxi for moving around. In big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, you avail services of Uber and Careem.

To get Uber, you will follow some steps;

* Open the Uber App.
* Tap to car-and-clock icon.
* Provide pick-up information. For instance, pick-up date, time, location, destination, and ride type.
* Get fare estimation.
* Tap and confirm ride.
* You can edit or cancel schedule any time before ride.

Q39. Which banks work best with international cards?

You can get banking services in Pakistan by almost all schedule banks, but more reliable are Standard Chartered and Bank Alfalah.

Q40. What can I do if I get sick?

* If you get sick, first of all you should have a stock of necessary medicines in your luggage.
* If you’re travelling with a company, try to tell your tour guide immediately. He can call a doctor.
* If you’re travelling privately and staying in a hotel, inform at the Reception. They must have a doctor’s services at the hotel.
* If you’re a Back-Packer and staying in a Camp, try to find out a local. He can help by telling you about a nearby doctor, Dispensary or Hospital.

Q41. What is NOC?

An NOC is a permit to visit the restricted areas of a country. These areas are either restricted for security or any other specific reason. Interior Ministry of a certain country allows limited no. of persons to enter that territory and often monitor the activities, for the safety of the visitor by Police escort.

Q42. Can we fly drone camera in Pakistan?

Yes, you can fly a Drone Camera anywhere in Pakistan by requesting the local authorities, except in some prohibited places.

Q43. Photography restrictions in Pakistan?

Tourists are not restricted from photography, yet there are a few ethics for the visitors which must be followed.

* Don’t capture any prohibited building, Army installations etc.
* Don’t take pictures of women in any area, especially in KPK.
* Don’t ever try to sway the privacy or social norms of the area.

Q44. How can I get NOC for Azad Kashmir?

For paying a visit to Azad Kashmir, foreigners need to get an NOC from the Interior Ministry of Pakistan.

Your hosting company can also arrange the NOC on request, two months prior a visit.


Q45. Which areas of Pakistan should I avoid? Which areas are safe?

Kashmir is a safe area, yet it requires an NOC.
* Some areas of Sindh are not safe and need a Police escort.
* Balochistan is restricted area for foreigners and allowed visit only through getting an NOC.
* KPK is safe.
* Punjab is safe.
* Gilgit-Baltistan is safe, yet some places need Police escort.
* Chitral is safe.

Q46. How much money should I budget for per day? (economy and expenses)

The total budget for a Backpacker is around 30-40 USD per Day in Pakistan.

Q47. What vaccinations do I need for Pakistan?

There are some vaccinations, which are recommended before travelling to Pakistan. WHO and CDC recommend following vaccines for the travellers;

* Typhoid * Hepatitis A & B * Rabies * Japanese Encephalitis * Polio * Influenza

Q48. What clothes should I pack according to weather?

The weather conditions may vary in different areas.

* In Sindh warm in summers, mild in winters.
* Balochistan, some areas are warm and some are mild in summers. Mild and cold in winters.
* Punjab, warm in summers and cold in winters.
* Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is mild in summers and cold in winters.
* Azad Kashmir is mainly warm and mild in summers, while cold in winters.

So it is advised to bring costumes accordingly. The collection should consists of lighter stuff for warmer areas to woolen material for the cooler places.

Q49. What should I wear as a woman?

A woman should have been dressed decently which abides by the social norms of the Pakistani society. She could wear Trousers, Pants, Shalwar-Kameez, Kurta and long Skirt. Head covering is not necessarily essential.

Q50. What Currency should a Foreigner brings in Pakistan?

foreigner should bring PKR or Pakistani Rupee on arrival in Pakistan. But if they bring Pound, US Dollar, Euro or any other currency, they can change it from the Money Exchanger.

Q51. How to get Pakistan E-Visa ?

Currently Nationals of 5 countries k can avail E-Visa and Visa on Arrival which can be obtained by visiting and those 5 counties are:

1. Malaysia 2. United Arab Emirates 3. Turkey 4. England 5. Saudi Arabia

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