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7 Most Beautiful Places to See in Chitral

Chitral is a land of wonders where you’ll find some of the most beautiful places for tourists to explore in Pakistan. The locals are amicable people who mostly speak Khowar though Kalasha is also spoken by some. The Mediterranean climate here offers warm summers and snowy winters. The road to Chitral runs along with the world’s largest mountain range so you can just imagine the fruits of the travel you receive when entering this serene town. If you’re wanting to see some of the best places in Chitral, read on.

Kalash Valley

The most famous place to visit in Chitral is without doubt the Kalash Valley. The valley is gifted with the most vibrant natural life from glowing trees to sparkling lakes. The valley holds the most enchanting views. There are endless trails to trek through on the Hindu Kush mountains plush meadows where camp can be set. There are colourful festivals taking place in Kalash from April to July which is a great time to visit. The locals are extremely friendly and welcoming who love to host tourists and indulge them with their culture.

Ayun Valley

Located on the tiers of the Chitral river at the gateway of Kalash Valley, the Ayun Valley is a charming location to hike and explore. The valley falls between Chitral Town and Ion Valley where the Bumburet and Chitral rivers converge. The jetting Bumburet flows through the valley and gives its locals life, providing drinking water and electricity. This beautiful destination is surrounded by mammoth mountains and soaring pine trees. It’s the perfect place to meditate and find yourself.

Garam Chashma

This bubbling hot spring is one of the most interesting places to visit in Chitral. Elevated at 7750ft, this enchanting spring is cradled by vast mountain ranges decked with beautiful peaks. The spring waters are known to provide healing effects when bathed in. Diseases such as chronic headaches and rheumatism are said to be cured by this sulfurous spring’s waters. There are various tracks you can also venture on. The area is wonderful for spotting Markhors and Ibexes. If you go into the town, you can find many things in the Bazaar such as carpets, precious stones, and delicious tea.

Tirich Mir

The Tirich Mir is one of the tallest peaks of the grand Hindu Kush Mountains. The striking destination lies in the Mulkow Valley. You can get a panoramic view of the town of Chitral from here. Tirich is the last village that comes before the mountains begin and it starts at the conjunction of Tirich and Torkhow River. You’ll see rural huts lined across the wonderful valley and shepherds herding their animals. The summers hold grazing pastures and green meadows whilst you can go up to lower Tirich glacier where glaciers from seven sub-valleys can be seen. The village name translates to King of Darkness which may be because the valley casts tall shadows on the Wakhan side.

Karambar Lake

To witness a glistening wonderland that looks like a scene out of a painter’s fantasy, you cannot miss out on seeing the Karambar Lake. You’ll be greeted with stretches of burning colours scattered across the lively mountain ranges and floral fields. The icy blue lake that lies in the middle of these picturesque landscapes is the deepest in the valley. The water clarity level is an astounding 13.75, being the highest ever value recorded in the history of Pakistan lakes. This lake is one of the most biologically active lakes in the world and you can fish in this fresh lake flowing with life or just watch the fish and revel in the beauty of this place.

Chitral Gol National Park

What was once a hunting reserve for the Mehtar of Chitral is now a protected national park stretching over an area of 7750 hectares. There is so much bio-diversity in this park that it will leave you in utter disbelief. Amongst the dense cedar forests, you can be lucky enough to find some of the most captivating animals such as the Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Lynx, Himalayan Musk Deer, or the Pallas’ Cat. There is a wildlife viewing point from where you can observe the Markhors. It is also the place where Gorge Schaller took his first photograph of a snow leopard is recorded in the book Stones of Silence. There are beautiful areas to hike in and set camp. There are also several glaciers to be discovered and many cold-water streams running through the land. It is truly one of the best places in Pakistan for adventurers, hikers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

Shandur Pass

Frequently nicknamed the “Roof of the World”, the Shandur Pass is the highest mountain pass you’ll travel on. It is a flat plateau at the end of Gilgit Baltistan that is blessed with streams and clear water lakes. The flora there is plentifully enough to leave you flabbergasted. If the beauty isn’t enough reason to visit one of the most beautiful places in Chitral, there is an annual festival held every July. The Shandur Festival is held where Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan teams play polo in a head-to-head match. The atmosphere is amazing and cannot be missed out on during your trip to Chitral.

Some of the best places for tourists in Pakistan lie here. At every picturesque destination, you’ll easily find transport, accommodation, and help from locals who live to serve their beloved guests. Some honourable mentions to this list also include the Shahi Qilla, Shahi Mosque, and the Chitral Fort for those wanting to explore the heritage of this land. You’ll surely be rejuvenated after a visit to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Now that we’ve gone over the top places to see in Chitral, the only thing left is to book the most fulfilling trip of your life to some of the most charming places on earth.

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