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Nagar Valley

Nagar Valley

The Nagar Valley is one of the most colourfully delightful valleys and is a must-see destination in Pakistan. Many hidden gems are resting within this place of serenity just waiting to be discovered by enthusiastic tourists like you. From alpine lakes and snowy mountains to tribal villages and fertile meadows, you’ll find the most beautiful places to visit here. So, what are some of the best places in Nagar Valley for tourism?

Rush Lake

Resting in Nagar Valley, Rush Lake is one of the world’s most high-altitude alpine lakes. You can reach the glacial waters of Rush Lake via the Hopar and Miar Glaciers rising from the Miar and Phuparash peaks. The trek to Rush Lake is breath-taking with spectacular views. You can see the famous Spantik Mountain, also called Golden Peak. You’ll also be able to see the Miar Peak, Phuparash Peak, and Ultar Sar. The sky-blue lake is surrounded by the mighty mountain peaks carpeted with green grass and sparkling snow coexisting together incredulously.

Hopar Village

When visiting Rush Lake, this is a must-visit place to also touch base in. This colourfully scenic village is blooming with greenery from fresh grass to sky-scraping pine trees. There is so much here to experience. The village homes are admirable. They’re made from stone and mud. Observing the traditional village life is a wonderful cultural experience. Standing amongst fertile fields of produce and taking in breaths of fresh oxygen is a splendid feeling. The most pleasing aspect of this valley is the icy pink cherry blossom trees sprouting out of the vibrant green fields throughout this magical valley. You can also find the view of the astonishing glaciers. The most prominent glacier is the Hopar Glacier. If you’re wanting to get up and close to the icy goodness, you can trek down to the glacier and it takes about 1 to 2 hours.

Rakaposhi Base Camp

For all the zealous hikers, hiking to the Rakaposhi Base Camp is considered to be one of the best hikes in Pakistan. Be sure to keep a packed lunch with you. The trail begins from Minapin to Hapakun campsite (beautiful meadows encompassing tents and horses) which takes about 3 hours and then from there it’s about 2 hours to Rakaposhi Base Camp. The journey is a beautiful zig-zag track through dense forests and flowing streams. Upon arrival to the first ridge, ten minutes before Rakaposhi Base Camp, you’ll be blown away by the view, or the wind! The thousands of jagged low-peaks between the mountains covered in textured snow are like out of a fantasy. The scene is unreal. Those spikes are towered by the main larger, mountains that bloom with greenery and end with the iconic snow cap. You’ll want to spend some time here, processing the unreal beauty. Then from there, you can move onto Rakaposhi Base Camp, a floral plain where you can set up camp or relax before heading back. You’ll see many mountainous herd animals with long, flowing hair. The view of the glaciers is stunning.

Spantik (Golden Peak)

You’re sure to let out an audible wow when taking in the view of this mountain nicknamed the Golden Peak located in the Hispar Valley of Nagar district. The north face of this mountain features a difficult climbing route known as the Golden Pillar. The view of the Golden Pillar is jaw-dropping. It is like a gigantic golden nugget bathed in snow. The trek here is long but straightforward and the sights you get to see on your way here are unforgettable. In 2019 a 10-year-old Pakistani girl, Selena Khawaja, scaled the Spantik and became the youngest person in the world to ever summit a peak over 7000 meters. So, why not try your hand at this delightful peak, it’s one of the best feelings in the world to stand at the top of the world presented with a view you could only ever dream of.


Whilst the Diran Peak is one of the hardest to summit, the Diran Base Camp is a very easy trek and no less beautiful. This place like out of Narnia is located in the breath-taking Minapin Valley. The entire meadow is carpeted in green with robust cows grazing the fresh grass. To reach here you’ll be crossing the gleaming Minapin Glacier, it’s recommended you have a guide with you to ensure you cross safely. Once in Diran, you can also go to see the Kachtelly Glacial Lake nearby. There is a steep hill that will lead to this frozen wonder. Around the base camp, there are several peaks and it’s possible to ski from those peaks as well.

Hispar Glacier

This majestic beauty is a 49km long glacier that joins with the 67km long Biafo Glacier to give birth to the world’s longest glacial system outside of the polar regions. This 100km highway of ice conjoins the ancient mountain kingdoms, Nagar and Baltistan. The Hispar stream passes through the glacier to give a splash of deep turquoise colour between the glistening white masses. On your way to the Hispar Glacier, you’ll also pass by the Snow Lake and might be lucky enough to spot the Himalayan, Ibex, Bear, or Markhor. You may also pass friendly locals on the way that will happily offer you fresh, desi milk and dairy.

All the places listed here are striking and will give you immense joy to see. From the earth’s largest glaciers outside the polar regions to hidden meadows that look like something out of a fairy tale, you’ll find everything you ever dreamt of here. There’s no doubt you’ll be gleaming from ear to ear at every destination you reach and the journey to those places are indescribable by words. The best destinations in Nagar Valley await you.

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