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We’ll be starting off with one of the most  Magical places in Pakistan : Hunza Valley in Gilgit –Baltistan region. (One of our favorite destinations in the northern areas of Pakistan)

Here’s what we’ll talk about today:

What are the attractions?
How to get there and travel details?
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But what exactly will you do in Pakistan when you come for a Hunza tour?

Lets find out!
Altit Fort

This  1100 YEARS old fort lies just next to the Hunza river and was actually home to the royal family of hunza. Its truly a sight to behold!

Baltit Fort

This fortified fort built on top of a mountain was made to withstand long sieges. And the sheer beauty of the fort will leave you speechless!

Mesmerizing Local clothes, jewellery and much more

Karimabad’s local bazaar will  make you wish  you could carry more!

The highest quality clothes, precious stones jewellery will make you fall  in love. The Local handicrafts and handmade carpets will add a new life to your home. The unique trinkets available here will be brilliant memories and you won’t believe how cheap they are!

Feeling Hungry?

Café De Hunza’s Walnut Cake will satisfy your sweet tooth and fill your tummy!

And the décor of the Café, a brilliant fusion between modern and classic Hunza architecture is scenic in itself!

Sunset views from Eagle’s Nest:

This gem lies on top of the Hunza Valley at the Duikar Village. It offers spectacular view of up to 11 peaks on a clear day.  The peaks are 6000 – 7788 Meters high..  This is a unique point from where you can see the whole Hunza valley. You also get to enjoy a walk in a fruit garden!

Attabad lake

This huge deep blue glacial water lake, was actually made by an earthquake! In January 2010 a landslide cause by an earthquake blocked the Hunza River and resulted in this pristine lake thousands of meters above sea level.

Its absolutely essential to take a ride on the passenger boats that tun till just before dusk. In the  winter its common to see snow on the banks of this mesmerizing lake. Hurry up! Come before the winter, because you’ll find a frozen lake in the winter.

If you are really feeling adventurous you can take a jet ski ride


Legend has it, if you sit quietly at the lake’s banks and you will find its peace entering your heart!

Passu Cones

These are distinctive sharp mountains which are truly a sight that take your breath away. This is definitely an achievement as the entire Karakoram highway is full of luscious green areas and natural beauty.

Hussaini Bridge

This is considered by many adventure seekers to be a once in a lifetime experience. People from all over Pakistan come to experience walking on this wood and metal hanging bridge. However this is not for the faint of heart! Because when you get to the centre the bridge sometimes swings due to the strong winds and people walking on it!

Sost Village

This is the last village  before the border with China . The rugged and bare mountains will leave you with an appreciation for natural beauty. Here the snow capped peaks look almost close enough to touch.

Travel further and you will pass through Khunjerab National Park towards Pak- China border. If you are REALLY lucky you might get to see a Himalayan Ibex. It’s a majestic beast that is endangered. Its actually a mountain goat with huge curving horns that give it its

distinctive look.

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