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travel & adventure show in new York

Travel & Adventure Show in New York

Over 2.5 million travel enthusiasts, 15,000 travel advisors, and 4,500 different companies from around the world have attended the New York Travel & Adventure Show. Furthermore, it has been in business for 18 years and has completed over $6 billion in events.

The Travel & Adventure Shows are produced by Unicomm, LLC., a leading trade show organizer, and are managed by a team with 150 years of industry experience. The events were renamed Travel & Adventure Shows in 2011 to better serve attendees and to emphasize leisure and experiential travel.

Additionally, the events, which are held in nine major DMAs across the United States, have grown to become the most important travel events in the country for marketers looking to reach consumers and travel agents.

The New York Travel & Adventure Show took place on January 28th to 29th this year. The show featured 250 top travel companies, tour operators, and 750 organizations from 175 countries. Participants intended to attract foreign investors in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Pakistan’s tourist destinations

Pakistan’s tourist destinations have a great potential to attract tourists after being introduced on a global scale. Tourism heritage was well represented at the event at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York.

Furthermore, vacation planners, tour operators, tourism experts and travel agencies had a plethora of options along with the best opportunities to display their plans, potential, travel advice and tips, as well as discounts, giveaways and special offers.

Our tour company also attended the 2023 New York Travel & Adventure Show from Pakistan. Haris Ali Shah represented Adventure Planners, one of the most prestigious companies of Pakistan. On mutual understanding, his interactions with counterparts and experts were beneficial for future endeavors. Moreover, the company representative, Haris Ali Shah received award and certificate for good performance.

The 2024 Annual New York Travel & Adventure Show will be looking for travel inspiration, tour information, cultural interaction, fun and much more. Occasionally, Participants can find thousands of genuine travel experts and speak with them directly to learn from their experiences. The festivities will begin in January 2024. Don’t pass up opportunities for next year.

Author: Fehmeeda Farid Khan

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