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Best Things to Do in Lahore

Lahore, considered the country’s cultural capital, is jam-packed with historic sights, vibrant eateries, and colourful facades at every corner. This cosmopolitan city radiates exciting energy wherever you go. Some of the best places to visit in Pakistan lie here and there is an endless list of fun things to do. To make sure you’re not left wondering about the best things to do in Lahore, we’ve compiled the ultimate collection for you. You’ll be able to experience iconic sights dripping with culture as well as participate in some of the most magnificent festivities of the country. So, what are the top places to see in Lahore?

Badshahi Mosque

One of Lahore’s most iconic landmarks, the Badshahi Mosque is a magnificent example of Mughal architecture carved with red sandstone a marble inlay. It is the largest mosque constructed in the Mughal Era and was used as a garrison by the British and Sikh Empire after the downfall of the Mughal Empire. This marvellous creation stands in an ideal location with Hazuri Bagh on one side, Lahore Fort on another, and the Roshnai Gate on another. The prayer chamber is embellished with flowers with their spindly fronds. The expert craftsmanship here is a work of unsurpassed beauty and a must-see.

Lahore Fort

As soon as you walk through the iconic Alamgiri Gate, the luxurious fortress showered in Persian floral designs will blow you away with its glory. The architecture is a uniquely synchronized Islamic and Hindu motif design. The intricate Sheesh Mahal, as known as the palace of mirrors, also lies here. The fort has been inscribed by UNESCO World Heritage Site for its “outstanding repertoire” of Mughal monuments from the time when they were at their artistic zenith. There is a lot to see with the fortress spreading over an area of more than 20 hectares. It houses 21 of the most notable monuments from as far back as the Akbar Emperor. Your time here will definitely be time well spent.

Wagah Border Ceremony

For one of the hands-down best experiences in Pakistan, you need to see the Wagah Border Ceremony. It is the most unique spectacle of shooting colours, passionate patriotism, and wonderful chaos, making it a bucket list item for many. The ceremony held between India and Pakistan at their border starts with a pompous cheering war from both sides of the audience. Then, the soldiers make their way one by one, one from Pakistan and one from India, marching towards the Wagah border to perform their spirited moves consisting of raising their legs high up above their head and putting on one of the most spectacular shows in an attempt to show off their best moves. The ceremony ends with the flags of both countries lowering to bring the evening to a hearty close.

Fort Road Food Street

At just a 5-minute walk from the Badshahi Mosque, the famous Fort Road food street is sure to make your taste buds water. Locals from around the country travel here to relish some of the most uniquely divine local favorites. The entire street is filled with excitingly sweet, spicy, and tangy aromas to tantalize your senses. From fragrant Biryani to daal tikkis, you’ll be able to try all the street food you ever dreamed of and we mean this literally as the prices are cheaper than you’d think! One of the most iconic restaurants and dishes is the Phaja Siri Paye, a spicy goat cutty served with fluffy naan bread. It is cooked for up to 17 hours. In addition to the food, the street itself is magical. The entire line of ancient, traditional homes in the street has so much detail in their architecture and embellishments that you’ll never get enough of it even after hours of observing. The colour combinations and traditional wall arts are incomparable with anything you’ve seen before.

Masjid Wazir Khan

This 17th-century Mughal-era Mosque is one of the most elaborately decorated ones. It is near the Delhi Gate of the walled city of Lahore. The architecture features some of the most intricate pictorial mosaics crafted with semi-precious stones. The large dome lies atop the four arches knows as Char Taq. The inside illustrates an Islamic depiction of paradise with fruit trees and platters of food being served. You should spend a few hours here strolling within the area, there is so much elaborate art and endless patterns to observe. It is an exceptional blend of floral designs, intricate calligraphy, and Persian motifs bound to wow your eyes.

Walled City

The Walled City, also known as the Old City, was made in the 1000 CE medieval era. Yet another relic of the Mughals, this is another UNESCO world heritage site that is well worth the visit. There used to be thirteen majestic gates to this wall such as Kashmiri Gate, Lohari Gate, Sheran Wala Gate, and more. Now, only the Roshnai Gate stands today as it once did then. The walled city is home to many iconic attractions such as the Tomb of Jahangir, Shalimar Garden, and Badshahi Masjid. The grandiosity of this destination is something to remember. You’ll also find many bazaars where you can buy antique utensils and vivid traditional clothing such as kurtas, khussas, and jewellery. Some of the best food streets also reside here for a dose of Haleem, Gol Gappay, or smoking BBQ Tikkas.

Though the list was not limited to so, these are some of the best places for tourists in Lahore where you can get a hefty dose of culture and beauty. Transport is extremely straightforward and affordable in Lahore with Uber available anywhere around the city. You’ll also have a multitude of options to stay for your trip with lovely hosts as well as locals anywhere you go that’ll be more than happy to guide you with whatever you need. Now that you’ve read up on some of the best places to visit in Lahore, all that is left is to see the wonders in person.

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