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Honeymoon Package 2020 for the most Romantic Honeymoon Destination in Pakistan!

Marriage and honeymoon are a once in a lifetime experience. It is only natural that we want to go for the most romantic destination.

So here we have for you the best honeymoon places in Pakistan. What does everyone want out of a honeymoon destination?

Well, of course, it has to be a romantic destination with pleasant weather. The hill stations in Pakistan are perfect for this.

Then there’s the aspect of convenience and a touch of luxury. Every member of our list has this and much more!

We also want a to-do list. Something light and fun that a couple can do together as a fun activity.

Above all, it should be a relaxing and well-planned experience. Something worth remembering for a lifetime.

That’s exactly why we made this list for you. So that you don’t have to worry about anything. And you get to experience a perfect honeymoon.

Here’s our list of places to visit in Pakistan for the honeymoon:

  1. Nathia Gali
  2. Hunza
  3. Kalam
  4. Malam Jabba

Nathia Gali

Nestled very close to Islamabad. Murree is a lovely hill station area. It has always been a favorite of Islamabad’s residents as it is pretty close. Now with the new expressway, it is just a stone’s throw away.

Even the expressway to Nathia Gali in Murree is now full of modern cafés that serve perfect delights like molten lava cake and American style pizzas.

Once to get to Nathia Gali it only gets better. Depending on the season it can lively or a retreat from the hustle and bustle of cities.

We recommend 4 MUST do activities in Nathia Gali:

  • Walk around and experience the bazaars, here you will find the cutest trinkets and souvenirs. Mall road is a shopper’s delight in any weather!
  • Visit the Patriyata chair lift. This sweet ride through the trees will leave you breathless. It is a must-go type of place!
  • Sozo adventure park: This is a treat! If you enjoy carnival rides then you will love this. It has a selection of both fast and quant rides. And the sweet experience is s great way to end your Nathia Gali honeymoon trip.

Hiking the trails of Mushkpuri or Miranjaani. In winter these are clad with snow and a bit challenging. But with the right guide, you can truly enjoy the fresh, clean air even if you don’t go to the top.

  •  If you don’t want to spend too much time traveling, then nathia Gali is the best spot for you!


What can we tell you about Hunza? Well to be honest it’s one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in Pakistan for honeymoon vacations.

Whether it’s the special glacial water or the towering mountains. Hunza has many little secrets that you will discover and fall in love with.

The fastest route is to take a flight from Islamabad to Gilgit and then a car to Hunza valley. Or, if you prefer the scenic route then you can also rent a private car to get you to Hunza. This is a rather long ride and only recommended for adventure lovers.

Top things to do in Hunza are:

  • Roam around the ancient bazaars and buy unique jewelry with precious gems and artsy souvenirs.
  • Experience the cuisine of Hunza. Low on spices; this is a game of flavors and delicacies
  • Visit the ancient forts, the true home of the Kings and Queens of this region. They are both majestic and mesmerizing
  • Bathe in the beauty of Attabad lake. This deep blue lake has become the top destination because of its aura. It is nothing short of magical to take a boat ride on this lake and sit at the bank to enjoy its awe-inspiring presence.
  • Portrait at Pakistan China border. You are literally at the edge of Pakistan and most tourists take this opportunity to have a photoshoot.
  • Markhor spotting: If you are an avid animal lover and have the patience. You might be able to see rare animals like the Himalayan ibex or the Markhor.

For more details of Hunza check out:

Kalam: A class apart!

Kalam is still a hidden gem. And we recommend it to anyone who isn’t a big fan of crowds. If you truly crave to run away from a big city then Kalam is your go-to spot for a honeymoon vacation.

Kalam is a pristine green valley that makes you forget about all of life’s troubles. It is so clean that you can just lie down on the grass whenever you feel like it.

The area is naturally abundant with flowers and people love to visit the easy hikes to see fields of natural flowers.

Another distinguishing feature is the number of waterfalls and rapids. On all sides, there are huge peaks and small rivers and streams travel through the area. If you just sit down in the evening you can hear the water gushing through the town.

It’s a silent little piece of heaven with welcoming locals and a cool, breezy climate. You should also pay a visit to Mahodand lake. One of the truly unexplored lakes in Pakistan. It’s still free from any kind of pollution and truly a sight to behold!

Eve the ride there is a little adventure. You get there in jeeps and the views of glaciers and streams on the way are a great build-up to the beauty that lies ahead.

The boating on the lake is highly recommended. This is also a brilliant place to get a horse ride. Perhaps the most striking feature here is waterfall Cafes. People have set up shop almost in the path of waterfalls and use the naturally chilled water as a cooler for drinks and fruit. We highly recommend you sit down at one of these and dip your feet in the waterfall’s water. And hopefully, it’s not too cold ?

If you have a love for fresh trout and want to drink from a spring. Then Gabral hill station is the place to be. Barely 20km from Kalam, you can arrange a one night stay there as well to experience a little more of the raw beauty of Kalam.

The Kalam forest is almost uninhabited and offers a true retreat from even the faints hints of civilization. If you are in the mood for adventure then pack a small backpack, get a local guide, and leave early. This is a little tough but if you have the heart for it then it will truly be the highlight of your Kalam honeymoon vacations.

NOW let’s talk about your dream honeymoon destination, a winter holiday paradise, Malam Jabba!

And here’s what we will talk about::

  1. Intro to Swat and Malam Jabba
  2. Facilities and activities
  3. Trip duration and estimated cost
  4. How to have the PERFECT honeymoon in SWAT

Intro to Swat and Malam jabba

Malam Jabba is a heavenly hill station in the heart of northern Pakistan. It has long been a fan favorite for honeymooners and top in the list of honeymoon destinations in Pakistan and snow lovers as it provides ample snow in the winter. The ski resort here brings international tourists during the winter season. So now the locals have become experts at offering great service to foreign tourists.

It offers a unique blend of snow-capped peaks in the backdrop of lush green pine trees. The honeymooners coming here just love the romantic ambiance of this location. It’s rightly considered one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan for a honeymoon.

The local government is committed to making this a prime tourist destination. So the facilities are being constantly upgraded. This makes Malam Jabba the natural choice if you are looking for an affordable honeymoon package in 2020.

Facilities and Activities: 

This area has something for everyone!

Whether it’s an adventure, food experiences, or shopping.

Looking for Adventure?

If you are feeling adventurous the ski slope is 800m and the resort was made on Austrian standards with facilities like chair lifts, skiing platforms, and snow clearing machinery.

All of this combined makes it one of the best places to ski in Asia. Definitely with the latest improvements it has one of the best ski resorts you will ever visit. If you are an adventure lover we can make you a custom ski resort package as well

Time for shopping?

Swat’s Mingora bazaar will leave you penny-less!

The handicrafts including key rings, elegant shawls, hand-carved decoration pieces, and a million other souvenirs are irresistible!

With their affordable prices, you will soon have your hands full of shopping you did not even plan.

Are you a foodie? 

The local people here are known for their generosity and hospitality. Their cuisine will leave you hoping you asking for second servings

We highly recommend the traditional rice dish warjalay, lamb dish shinwari, and “titanic ice cream” which has local flavors and dry fruit toppings as per your mood.

Such delicious dishes in the comfort of your cozy rooms will make your honeymoon classy and memorable for a lifetime. This is one of the top reasons which make Malam Jabba a top honeymoon destination in Pakistan.

Trip Duration and Estimated Cost

Once you land at Islamabad airport, it will take you just 3 and a half hours via our transports to get to one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan for honeymoon: Malam Jabba!

Here’s a concise break down of costs:

  1. Bus with scenic views is $32 for a couple of round trips.
  2. Hotel prices start from a mere $20 a night! Might we recommend the honeymoon suite? ?
  3. Private car booking is just $25/day
  4. Skiing equipment rent is $40/couple per day

We recommend at least, a 2-night stay in Swat/Malam Jabba and a minimum 1 night stay in Islamabad so you get to experience the capital and it’s legendary Margalla hills as well.

How to have the PERFECT honeymoon

Feel like going for a winter honeymoon yet?

Don’t feel like managing all this yourself in a new country?

Our Honeymoon holiday package is all inclusive!

From Food and transport, to guide and accommodation J

Book with us and we promise you, you’ll get the

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