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famous food street in lahore

Food Street in Lahore

When I first started using social media, the vast majority of my friends were from Lahore. They frequently invited me to Lahore, and we used to make a list of foods that I should try while there. Lahore is unquestionably a foodie hotspot. I’m not a foodie by nature, but I still want to try all the local foods in Lahore. This became our favourite hobby, occasionally making and breaking the list. Let me tell you about some foods that I will only eat in Lahore.



Channay is quite well-known in Lahore. Chickpeas or channay, are slowly cooked with a rich gravy in traditional spices. Channay with naan or khameeri roti is the most popular dish among Lahoreans. There are numerous locations in Lahore for Channa hunting.

Das Kulcha

Until about three decades ago, das kulcha was one of the most popular breakfast items in Lahore. According to some elderly Lahoris, before partition, people from Amritsar and surrounding areas came to Lahore on weekends to eat das kulcha. The tradition of making das kulcha is now rapidly fading.

Halwa Puri

Halwa Puri is a traditional desi breakfast that Lahoris adore. The authentic taste of Halwa Puri will always transport you to old Lahore. It’s usually outdoor street dining where you are served with fresh puris to eat as much as you want. Halwa is a sweet dish that everyone enjoys. The combination of halwa puri is ideal for Lahoreans to begin a lazy Sunday.


Paye is a popular dish among Lahoreans. The hooves of goats, sheep, or even buffalos are slowly cooked with various spices to make gravy in this traditional dish. It goes well with naan or khameeri rotis. Most people enjoy paye as a breakfast dish as well.


Pathoray is a breakfast item that is typically served with chollay (similar to channay or chickpeas) and achaar. Pathoray can be found in Anarkali in Old Lahore, or in Icchra Bazar at Lahore.


Katlama is a type of deep-fried desi bread. A large round dough marinated with tomato paste, chilli paste, lentils and spices. When it gets fried in hot oil it gives the best flavour.

Katlamma is a popular street food in Lahore. It is regarded as a poor man’s pizza. A huge fried bread in orange colour not only tastes great but is also entertaining to watch while making katlamma. One katlamma will serve three to four people. This can be found near Data Darbar and on Food Street in Anarkali.

Laddu Peethi

Laddu Peethi is a unique but traditional Lahori dish. If you want to eat this delicious delicacy, you must first locate a Cart. To make the batter, soak white, yellow, and gramme lentils in water overnight before blending them with salt, garlic, ginger, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, carom seeds, roasted cumin, and roasted coriander. After that, fry it in oil.

This deep-fried Laddu Peethi is served with grated white radish, carrot cabbage, as well as a sweet, sour, and spicy sauce of dry plum, apricot, and tamarind.

Dahi Bhallay

Dahi bhallay may confuse you as either a meal or a Lahore street food because many people eat it with roti (bread). Lentil flour is mixed with water before being deep-fried as Phulki and Bhalla. After that, it was soaked in water overnight and mixed with yoghurt, local spices, sauces and salad.

There are many places in Lahore known for having the best Dahi Bhalla, but one at Regal is truly amazing and delicious.


Lassi is a traditional dahi (yogurt) based drink popular among Lahoris for breakfast. You can order it sweet (meethi lassi) or salty (namkeen lassi), depending on your preferences. The most authentic and delicious Lassi can be found at Feeqa in Gawal Mandi, Lahore. His pairay wali lassi is undoubtedly amazing. It’s quite heavy and can make you sleepy afterward. This refreshing drink is ideal for a hot day.

Rabri Falooda

A traditional sweet dish made with curd milk, cardamom powder, rose syrup and corn starch noodles. Rabri takes a long time to make because the milk must be curdled until it thickens and changes colour from white to brown.

It’s even better with ricotta cheese ice cream, almonds and pistachios on top. Delicious ice cream, desi noodles, crushed ice and sugar syrup make this Lahori food item even more delectable.

This is a glimpse of my food hunting list for the Lahore tour. What about you?

Author: Fehmeeda Farid Khan

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