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Things To Know Before Travelling To Pakistan

All set to explore Pakistan? Jaw-dropping nature, diverse cultures, and delicious food—Pakistan’s got it all. Take a quick look at these valuable tips first. If you’re travelling to Pakistan for the Mountains in the North. Most importantly, It’s home to the most hospitable people. It’s no wonder more and more people are traveling to Pakistan!

Note: Some services are for economy & deluxe packages others are for executives.

Hot Water Timings in Mountains (Economy & Economy Plus Hotels):

  • Evening 3 hours (6:00pm-9:00pm) & Morning 3 hours (7:00am-10:00am).
  • In North, Hotels have no heaters so you can ask for double blankets in case you need and some hotels will provide heating mattress.

Road Journey between Gilgit- Besham is long and road condition is bad.

✔ If you are allergic to any food you may inform us at start of tour.

Check List

Immunization / Personal Medication:

✔ There are no compulsory inoculations required for entry into Pakistan. If you are taking medicine for conditions such as diabetes or heart problems, make sure you carry the necessary medicines in your hand luggage at all times, in case your main luggage is delayed.


✔ Credit cards (Visa and Master Card) are accepted in the capital city of Islamabad. However, outside capital only you can use cash in local currency.

✔ Pakistan local currency is Pakistani Rupees (PKR).

✔ You need only small amount of cash if you want to buy snacks, fruits, drink and souvenirs on the way.

✔ It is advisable to change local currency in home country before leaving for this trip. But if you want to change more local money there you can change with USD note.

✔ Dollars Issued earlier than (1996-2013) are acceptable but their value will be considered 15 % less than actual value. Torn, dirty, stamped (you will be surprised how a tiny bank stamp can decrease value of your note by at least 10%).  It is recommended to bring dollars Issued after 2013.

Tipping Etiquette:

✔ For tips to local guide and driver is 4-5 USD per day minimum. However, you are most welcome to give more as your wish based on their service. This amount maybe small to us but considered valuable for them, Other tipping is discretionary.

✔ For hotel and restaurant staff, you can give to them directly with minimum of 200-500 PKR , If they help you in any ways and you are happy with it.

Meals & Special Food Requirements:

✔ During the tour you will have a chance to experience the vast array of wonderful food available in the region.  The foods menu are mostly similar like Indian food and we will rotate chicken, beef, mutton, vegetables, rice, bread, soups every day. Breakfast have local and western choices with coffee and tea. Your meals will be according to your package.

✔ It is strongly advised to bring your comfort food (eg: sambal, canned food, instant noodle etc) If you are the type that can get bored with the same menu every day.


✔ Generally, countries are friendly for photographers. However, there are certain places where photographing is restricted: military objects, police check point, airports. In the Northern Pakistan region, it is advisable to get permission first if you want to take picture of local women as this sometimes can be sensitive issues within their community.


✔ The voltage in the region is standard voltage 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. They use type C (2 round pin) and type D (3 round pin).

Laundry service:

✔ Laundry is available at many hotels and towns during this trip, although you might need to wait for a two-night stop in order to make sure you get it back on time.


✔ Ask tour guide for max altitude in the tour and if you have any altitude sickness bring your medicine from your home country as in Pakistan you cannot find any altitude sickness medicines.


✔ We recommend you taking a small to medium wheeled suitcase. In terms of weight, International flight with Thai Airways allows one checked-in bag of 25 kg and a carry-on bag 7 kg. If tour includes hiking or trekking must bring backpack which you can carry.

✔ For domestic flight with PIA Pakistan Airlines allow one checked-in bag of 20 kg and a carry-on bag 7 kg.

Suitable Clothing in Pakistan for travelers:

✔ Comfortable and solid walking shoes with strong soles and support are essential. If you are traveling to North must bring warm clothes, Sweater, Jeans, Rain jacket, Scarf, Cotton socks & walking shoes, but also some T-shirts with long and short sleeves to remain safe from UV rays, and thin cotton trousers. A bit for every occasion ♥

✔ Please try to avoid bringing valuables with you. if you have please take care of them during traveling. 

Sanitation in Pakistan: 

Indian and English both Seats are available in Pakistani Toilets in hotels but in public toilets on Indian seats will be found.

Temperature in Pakistan :


✔ Daytime average in Northern Pakistan can be around 10-15 Celsius.

✔ Night-time average in Northern Pakistan can be around 5-10 Celsius.

✔ In Islamabad, will be around 15-25 Celsius.


✔ Daytime average in Northern Pakistan can be around 25-35 Celsius.

✔ Night-time average in Northern Pakistan can be around 25-30 Celsius.

✔ In Islamabad, will be around 35-40 Celsius.


✔ Daytime average in Northern Pakistan can be around 10-15 Celsius.

✔ Night-time average in Northern Pakistan can be around 5-10 Celsius.

✔ In Islamabad, will be around 15-25 Celsius.


✔ Daytime average in Northern Pakistan can be around 0- -5 Celsius.

✔ Night-time average in Northern Pakistan can be around -5 – -10 Celsius.

✔ In Islamabad, will be around 03-08 Celsius.

✔ Please take note, when we reach Khunjerab Pass (4793 meters) temperature can drop to 1 Celsius or even sub-zero at any season, hence warm clothing is a MUST while visiting Khunjerab Pass, even you only visit there for less than 1 hour for photos.

✔ you may get update again about trip from time to time especially about the forecast weather as it can be change drastically.

Please let us know If you have any queries will try our best to reply soonest possible. Thanks and have a great day all!


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